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Inert Plan, the Metaverse Innovation Center of Shanghai IMS Technology Co., Ltd., released omg!and™, inviting people to co-create our Metaverse space together!

Founder of omg!and and creative director of the platform, Laura Chen, said, "The Metaverse is a new industry full of imagination. We can imagine what the future world will be like, what the business environment will be like, how will future human beings create brand-new experiences? We strive to use metaverse technology to empower designer brands, empower art industrialization, empower people to create originality, and empower commercial brands to use fiction to support reality. In addition, we strive to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development."


Human cannot survive in the current ecological environment due to various reasons...

Drifting bottles carry sustainable materials to another metaverse co-creation island.

This co-creation island is located in the bottle row space on the horizontal plane.

Up above is the future.

Down below is the deep sea.

It reminds us of the price of living.

Remind us to protect our ecological environment.

It reminds us not to attribute all disasters to natural forces majeure.

With such environmental awareness, we can then amplify our imagination and create more survival opportunities.

Omgland is the metaverse co-creation island.

The name of this co-creation island is


omg!and subdivided the content of the platform block into different sections to meet the needs of different customers for settlement and consumption experience segmentation.

It is divided into four areas: Luxury Avenue, Music Zone, Pop Music Block, and the Art Hub.

Luxury Avenue

Welcome to Luxury Avenue of omg!and™

There are many luxury-looking buildings on Luxury Avenue, where each fashion brand can customize its own building, or pick your favorite building to settle in.

The omg!and team provides services ranging from architectural appearance, to interior brand experience, to complete process transformations for sales and e-commerce.

Moreover, you can take the initiative to try all of the innovations that you think are risky in real life, but put them on the Metaverse platform. 

omg!and, we provide one-to-one professional customization from technology and art teams. We look forward to working with global physical luxury shopping malls, and promoting the innovation of the metaverse and the symbiosis of reality and reality together.

​Music Zone

Welcome to Music Zone of omg!and™

We promote original musicians, bands, and rappers to work with us to create and customize album digital posters, as well as on-site album release venues together.

Currently, omg!and has many electronic musicians and music institutions have already joined, and we welcome more original musicians and digital artists to join. 

Pop Cultural Block

Welcome to Pop Cultural Block of omg!and™

omgland™ has nearly 20 years of experience in serving international customers such as Pepsi, VISA, Budweiser, Master Kong, Shanghai Fashion Week, etc. omgl!and will create a M2P (Metaverse to Products) product model for you. By using our platform, we can help you to save the high cost of LEDs (Leasing, Employee, Decoration) in traditional stores. Cost: expensive and inflexible leasing costs (Leasing Cost), complicated employee costs (Employee Cost), high and environmental unfriendly decoration costs (Decoration Cost).

You can use your imagination and create art at home or in the studio, the metaverse can let the whole world see your services and products. All you need is an opportunity to settle in.

Across the street, on the opposite side of the street, are designer brands, national fashions, and cosmetics. We have successfully attracted Feng Chen Wang, Shuting Qiu and other well-known international designer brands to settle in. As a more significant surprise, the Orghive platform was invited to join 46 overseas cross-border e-commerce cosmetics categories to join.

Art Hub

Welcome to Art Hub of omg!and™

Omg!and welcomes galleries from all over the world to join. We provides professional design, technology and art services. As long as you are curious, you will never miss the opportunity to build your virtual gallery with the architectural designer team of omgland™. We can discuss how to plan an exhibition using digital space, and we can also work with digital artists and programmers of omg!and to create interactive digital artworks.

In Art Hub, you could see the past art work as digital version. You can also go to the coffee shop if you're tired of walking. omg!and is a world that makes essence more essential, innocence more pure, and freedom more free.

Art Installation


​Experiential Marketing

Refine brand elements

Create the ultimate immersive consumer experience

Tell the story directly about the merits of the product and the scenario

Mind Occupation

- Product is brand

- The metaverse drives the industrial chain


Metaverse makes experience perpetual


Encourage self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, brands

Quickstart value from 0 to 1

M2P Product Model:

  • No need for the high LED cost of traditional shops

  • No expensive and inflexible lease fees

  • No complicated staff costs

  • No need for high and environmentally friendly renovation costs

  • Display products directly in the omgland™ metaverse, and pop up the content that consumers are interested in and link to your mini program or the e-commerce brand



Each block of the platform welcomes independent brands, dealers, and self-employed individuals to settle in and create profit sharing

I  Can Design logo

I Can  create 3D mode

I Can manage  supplier chain

I  can develop CRM

I Can  train sale team



The Metaverse is not limited by region, space, or time It is also a sustainable space

Promote environmental protection and non-heritage culture with young creations

#Cloud servers run entirely on sustainable energy

#Virtual platform to establish a sustainable working model  


Promote the use of sustainable energy and reduce potential carbon emissions in life


omg!and builds a new spiritual world for Generation Z

Understanding them

Providing emotional value to them

Provide TA with space to slow down the pace of life

Let TA be willing to spend time here



OMG DRAGON barber shop

Graffiti Co-creation Wall


Invite friends to hang out anytime, anywhere

Recording the Metaverse Experience

One-click forwarding and sharing WeChat moments


I travel the world on metaverse

I run clothing shop on metaverse

I curate on metaverse


We focus on the research and development of the underlying engine of the metaverse, and adhere to the concept of developing products that can truly create value for users. We have created a platform for users to jointly build and operate the Metaverse. Anywhere in the world, using any device, you can quickly access this 3D meta space, complete the transformation of application scenarios from offline to online, and change the experience from "online" to "presence".




Peripheral simulation stage

Electricity conversion stage

Conscious uploading stage

Blockchain/ Cloud Computing/ VR

Brain-computer Interface

Quantum Mechanics

Link Conversion


Pop-up window jumps to E-Commerce, TikTok, Red, etc. Satisfy Diversified Marketing Demands



Let consumers choose their own algorithm to generate experience mode Leading pre-algorithm technology

Cross-platform Technical Support


Full technical support across APP, Mini-Program, and website Multiple engines, including Unity and Webgl Add scene-based live broadcast to achieve experience realization

Personalized Editing


Zero-threshold editor function Enabling Code Editor Functions for Creation Create your Metaverse freely Meet the diverse needs of customers of different brand

Platform Centralization


Provide a background management function An integrated customer management center can be provided for consumers Independent dual backstage system, the backstage space can be retracted freely under control


Scenes customization

Customize scenes for various brands












Provide all rounds platform technology for brands to easy set in


 Provide to customize meeting space


 Provide to host service for forum and training


 Provide Art Space and Curation Service


Provide customized marketing communication plan for new launch

+Creative & Concept +Insight & Strategy +Design
+Digital Marketing
+ Integration Marketing +Crossover Marketing
+EC management


 CRM data management


Backstage monitoring of Shanghai Fashion WeeK

About Us

Laura Chen

Founder|Metaverse Business Architect

Laura is a continuous entrepreneur with 20 years of industry experience in the field of marketing and creativity. She has founded an internationally recognized integrated marketing agency, IMS Data Technology Company, 1933 Contemporary Art Space, Party A Creative Hot Shop, Inert Plan Metaverse Experience Center. She has also been a charitable donor to many other art projects and continues to be a collector of contemporary art.Laura is a rare interdisciplinary manager who has achieved industry professional recognition at every stage of her entrepreneurship.


Only Zhu

Co-Founder|Creative Director

After graduating from Tongji University, Only Zhu rooted in providing creative and strategic services for the world’s top 500 enterprises and co-founded IMS Group. Her sharp business intuition had led the company 8 consecutive years of profitable growth. With full-scale foresight of the market change, she mapped web3.0 layout in advance for MasterKong Group and PepsiCo China. Launching brands’ self-owned Metaverse platforms, keeping her clients in the front row of the industry. In the joint-establishment of “Part A”, creative hot shop, and “Omg!and”Metaverse hub, she focuses on the ingenious combination of business and creativity in finding new business models and practices.


Patrick Kaminski

Co-Founder / Director Business Development

Patrick plays a key role in developing our client strategies. He brings a vast experience in managing major global consumer goods companies, where he was instrumental in establishing profitable business platforms and turning the businesses into sustainable growth. He decided to become an Investor and Co-Founder in Health- & Food-Tech companies, after serving as Executive Vice President Asia Pacific at Beiersdorf. Prior to that Patrick also spent almost 25 years working at Henkel, gaining expertise in European, Asian, Emerging markets and specifically China, before taking up the role as President of the Henkel Group for Asia Pacific. He is living and working in China the last 20 years continuously.


Celine Gong

Co-founder/B&D Director

Celine has outstanding achievements in the establishment of international brand companies. She worked in Unilever, Henkel Cosmetic, and finally joined omgland as cofounder. In her past experience, she has accumulated rich experience in marketing and sales operations, from product development, brand innovation, promotion strategy, cutting-edge market strategy, supply chain management , as well as team management and incentive systems are also 
outstanding. She is especially good at market layout from 0 to 1. Celine holds a bachelor's degree in law and an MBA from Fudan University.


Linda Chen

of Harvestsgroup & Cultren

Linda is also a continuous entrepreneur. From an early brand leader of an international company to self-employment, she has served many international customers, including Siemens and Bosch Group for over 20 years, and has accumulated rich experiential marketing experience. Personally, she is very 
good at landing operations and can tolerate hardships that ordinary people cannot bear. She is an outstanding operating partner. During her 25 years of continuous entrepreneurship, she has continuously improved her career and finally obtained a master‘s degree in marketing management at Bayham University USA.


Loxel Li

Digital Artist|Creator|Art Director

Graduated from UAL, speculating on the alternative world in a supernatural digital form, and designing to explore the role and value of "human" in the technological world. Exhibited in Vetera Museum in London, Linz Art Festival in Germany, West Bank Art Center, Oil Tank Art Center, Shanghai M50, and was invited to participate in the TED X Shanghai Artist Matrix. She is also a CG director and have cooperated with many global musicians and fashion brands.


Liang Zhao

Art Director | Designer

Liang is good at surreal scene construction and rendering technology, stemming from his professional practice of the Sheffield Master of Urban Design and Planning, which led to his solid foundation in the planning and production of urban models. He is also proficient at stylized interior spaces Design which has he has a unique understanding of architectural design, and works are presented in a variety of media.


Denny  Yao

Digital Artist/Art Director

Denny graduated from a design university early and has worked in the commercial advertising industry for more than ten years. He has his own understanding and style of three-dimensional space planning and aesthetics, and pursues the perfection of details while being bold and unrestricted. Denny is not only creative and avant-garde, but also has solid hand-painting skills, and his rhythm of project follow-up is also very logical and orderly. His self-improvement in all model innovation techniques from 3D Marx to Metaverse is very effective. He is also the chief designer of the Pepsi Metaverse project.


Hyan Shi

Founder of UTURN

Hai Yan brings a wealth of insights, knowledge on sustainability, impact measurement, and the broad set of corporate environmental and social issues. A Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified Sustainability Professional, with a distinct career in corporate, technology and financial communications, Hai Yan is not only qualified to provide ESG measurement and reporting services, she is equipped with rich expertise in creating meaning corporate purpose, helping client’s attainment towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) with industry-specific practical ideas for action, and building momentum with key stakeholders. among many others. Hai Yan holds an MBA from the University of Manchester. 


Abby Liu

Project Manager | Business Planner

Graduated from Fudan University Master of Cultural Heritage and Museology. In charge of brand strategy and coordination, committed in planning and promotion of commercial art projects. She has led many art and fashion business projects. She is an effective communicator with superior management skills, creative thinking capabilities, and superb aesthetics and taste. She is very reliable and responsible in her work, We are confident that she will be able to handle any important and challenging project.


Cathy Hau

Manager Director APAC

Cathy‘s influence in the retail industry is very important. She continues to travel freely in the fields of art, fashion and music, and combines her traditional retail experience with Shopping Mall’s comprehensive management capabilities to innovate new business models. Before joining omgland, she was the founder of OPC art club and served as the managing director of CITIC Capital. She is very good at international business development and resource integration, and she is also a multilingual communicator.


Krystal Sun

Account Manager

Graduated from New York University majoring in Marketing and double minoring in Graphic Design and Information Science Technology. She had many years of experience in brand and integrated marketing communication, served clients include Farfetch, Jimmy Choo and Philips. She is also very proficient in e-commerce specifically in the roles of Business Development, Marketing and Operations in the fashion industry.

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-A Passion for Art in Client Service: putting external and internal clients at the center of your universe
-High-Level Thinking: having a strategic approach to your work
-Bold Creativity: going beyond the obvious with game-changing ideas
-Thorough Execution: being results-driven and consistently exceeding targets
-Business Prowess: having a firm grasp of the issues driving the industry, and how an agency should best operate
-Collaborative Leadership: working and playing well with others to achieve great things
-Courageous in Spirit: creating and acting on opportunities
-Persistent Accountability: stepping up to the plate and seeing commitments through
If you feel this sounds like you please contact us!


3F, Block B, No.98, Yanping Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai China

+86 021 64228170

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