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Luxury Avenue

Welcome to Luxury Avenue of omg!and™

There are many luxury-looking buildings on Luxury Avenue, where each fashion brand can customize its own building, or pick your favorite building to settle in.

The omg!and team provides services ranging from architectural appearance, to interior brand experience, to complete process transformations for sales and e-commerce.

Moreover, you can take the initiative to try all of the innovations that you think are risky in real life, but put them on the Metaverse platform. 

omg!and, we provide one-to-one professional customization from technology and art teams. We look forward to working with global physical luxury shopping malls, and promoting the innovation of the metaverse and the symbiosis of reality and reality together.

​Music Zone

Welcome to Music Zone of omg!and™

We promote original musicians, bands, and rappers to work with us to create and customize album digital posters, as well as on-site album release venues together.

Currently, omg!and has many electronic musicians and music institutions have already joined, and we welcome more original musicians and digital artists to join. 

Pop Cultural Block

Welcome to Pop Cultural Block of omg!and™

omgland™ has nearly 20 years of experience in serving international customers such as Pepsi, VISA, Budweiser, Master Kong, Shanghai Fashion Week, etc. omgl!and will create a M2P (Metaverse to Products) product model for you. By using our platform, we can help you to save the high cost of LEDs (Leasing, Employee, Decoration) in traditional stores. Cost: expensive and inflexible leasing costs (Leasing Cost), complicated employee costs (Employee Cost), high and environmental unfriendly decoration costs (Decoration Cost).

You can use your imagination and create art at home or in the studio, the metaverse can let the whole world see your services and products. All you need is an opportunity to settle in.

Across the street, on the opposite side of the street, are designer brands, national fashions, and cosmetics. We have successfully attracted Feng Chen Wang, Shuting Qiu and other well-known international designer brands to settle in. As a more significant surprise, the Orghive platform was invited to join 46 overseas cross-border e-commerce cosmetics categories to join.

Art Hub

Welcome to Art Hub of omg!and™

Omg!and welcomes galleries from all over the world to join. We provides professional design, technology and art services. As long as you are curious, you will never miss the opportunity to build your virtual gallery with the architectural designer team of omgland™. We can discuss how to plan an exhibition using digital space, and we can also work with digital artists and programmers of omg!and to create interactive digital artworks.

In Art Hub, you could see the past art work as digital version. You can also go to the coffee shop if you're tired of walking. omg!and is a world that makes essence more essential, innocence more pure, and freedom more free.

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