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Inert Plan, the Metaverse Innovation Center of Shanghai IMS Technology Co., Ltd., released omg!and™, inviting people to co-create our Metaverse space together!

Founder of omg!and and creative director of the platform, Laura Chen, said, "The Metaverse is a new industry full of imagination. We can imagine what the future world will be like, what the business environment will be like, how will future human beings create brand-new experiences? We strive to use metaverse technology to empower designer brands, empower art industrialization, empower people to create originality, and empower commercial brands to use fiction to support reality. In addition, we strive to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development."


Human cannot survive in the current ecological environment due to various reasons...

Drifting bottles carry sustainable materials to another metaverse co-creation island.

This co-creation island is located in the bottle row space on the horizontal plane.

Up above is the future.

Down below is the deep sea.

It reminds us of the price of living.

Remind us to protect our ecological environment.

It reminds us not to attribute all disasters to natural forces majeure.

With such environmental awareness, we can then amplify our imagination and create more survival opportunities.

Omgland is the metaverse co-creation island.

The name of this co-creation island is


omg!and subdivided the content of the platform block into different sections to meet the needs of different customers for settlement and consumption experience segmentation.

It is divided into four areas: Luxury Avenue, Music Zone, Pop Music Block, and the Art Hub.

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