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Story background

In the distant future, dinos were once a powerful race. They possessed overwhelming power and could dominate the whole world. However, they are controlled by an organization called the “central K”, and they are forced to live according to the regulations of the central K and cannot move freely.

The dinosaurs were very frustrated and had grown tired of the boring and tedious life of oppressive rule. Having been brainwashed and subjugated for centuries, their dream of freedom has been delayed for too long. So, they decide to change their name to the Dragons, inspired by the myth of the mighty dragon, the ultimate form of the ancestor; and they have begun to plan a rebellion.

Finally, the dragons have succeeded in overthrowing the central government and pooled their resources creating a network of decentralized omg!and and online organizations. This network is designed to be self-sustaining and self-governing, allowing dragons to pursue their dreams without the interference of their oppressors.

In the end, the dragons used the new technology to gain freedom to explore the world and create a better life for themselves. A brand-new organizational form was created based on the principles of democracy and equality. The purpose of this newly formed organization is to protect the rights of all dragons, regardless of race, gender, or social status.


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